Intelligent design debunked

Intelligent design is one of the proofs offered to show that God exists. It is argued that human beings are too perfect to be just an accident of nature. Only a God could have produced such perfect being.

To prove that point of view a parable about a watch is often used.  The problem with using the design of a watch to prove that man is a creation is that the watch is comparatively perfect compared to man.

If man is the result of an intelligent design by a God who has all the skills, knowledge and abilities attributed to him by the faithful he probably could have done a better job in the design.


Lets look at some of the features of man that would indicate imperfect evolution rather than intelligent design.  An all knowing God would not build a man with these features.


Our eyes certainly do not indicate intelligent design.

Wisdom teeth

During the evolution of man his jaw became smaller. Wisdom teeth were useful in earlier stages of man’s development but now they just lead to overcrowding and dental problems. This is an example where intelligent design could have prevented a problem caused by evolution.


Evolution left them hanging outside the body where they are very vulnerable. The reason is the sperm needs to be kept at a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body. Intelligent design would have done it another way.


We eat and breathe through the same pipe in our throat. We can choke when food or drink intended to go down the esophagus accidentally enters the trachea due to a malfunction of the epiglottis. We should have separate tubes as it is in other mammals.

Knees and Back

As we age we develop very painful problems in our knees and backs demonstrating that these parts are not very well suited to a vertical posture.  The vertical posture is the result of evolution and gave us some advantages to help us survive, perhaps the ability to see over tall grass or to reach higher on bushes, but the development came with the drawbacks of wearing out and becoming painful in old age.


The human egg passes from the ovary to be fertilized in the oviduct. Because of this the embryo sometimes sticks to the oviduct wall before it reaches the uterus. This is a life-threatening condition. Intelligent design would have shortened the length of the oviduct or done away with it by connecting the ovary directly to the uterus.

Birth canal

Humans have a narrow birth canal caused by the change in posture when they began to walk erect on their hind legs. The position of the pelvis made human childbirth a problem caused by evolution. The way evolution has solved this problem is to have human babies born prematurely and the smaller in size. Babies carried longer than nine months and their mothers were less likely to survive birth. That’s why human babies need nurturing for a much longer time than most other vertebrates.


The prostate in men starts to enlarge as they get into middle age. This would not be a problem except that the urethra, the tube through which a man urinates, passes through the prostate. As the prostate grows it squeezes the urethra making it more difficult for men to urinate as they age. Intelligent design would seem to have the urethra pass around the prostate rather than through it.


The feet are certainly not of an intelligent design.


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Intelligent design

Evelyn H
I never thought about it before but looking at this list makes the whole idea of creation kind of silly. If god created man in his image, then god would be built like man. Man is obviously an imperfect design if he was designed.  That brings up the question, who designed god?  I can't imaging he would design himself this way.