The human eye is not a masterpiece of design as Christian apologists claim to prove intelligent design

What animals have eyes that do better? Our eyes are similar to the eyes of the octopus and squid but their eyes human eyeevolved independently of ours. The eyes of the squid are superior to the eyes of men. The reason is that the eyes of men have a blind spot whereas those of the squids do not. The blind spot is because the optic nerve in the eyes of men is attached to the back of the retina creating an area that lacks light receptors. That certainly does not indicate intelligent design.

Beside the blind spot in human eyes, there are animal eyes that are sharper, can see more colors, can see with less light, can see a wider field of view and many other features that would have been an improvement on what we have.

For a good explanation on what is wrong with the design of the human eye look at 

The Poor Design of the Human Eye


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