Moses didn't exist

Let's face it.  If Moses didn't exist, the Old Testament is a complete fabrication.  If the Old Testament is nothing, the New Testament is also just a book of fairy tales..  If all of the Bible is fiction the entire basis of religion as followed by the Jews, Christians and Muslims is for nothing. 

Critical thinking and the careful evaluation of the facts as we know them would indicate that there was really no such person as Moses nor were there 2 million Jews in Egypt who were freed from slavery and led through the desert toward the promised land.

An excellent book on the subject is a new one called “The Bible Unearthed” by Neil Asher Silverman and Israel Finkelstein. They estimate the story in the Bible was an adaptation of a story written by the priests of Jerusalem around 500 to 300 BC.

At the time the Exodus was supposed to have happened Egypt was a superpower. There are many records and artifacts in existence about the history of Egypt at that time. But there is no evidence whatsoever indicating that there were 600,000 Jewish families enslaved in Egypt. There are no Egyptian records saying that there was this huge Exodus of people from Egypt. There was no sudden shortage of labor in Egypt at that time. There was no sudden influx of people into Israel.

Some of the finest archaeologists in the world have attempted to find any evidence pointing to an exodus. Surely, 2 million people traveling together for 40 years in the desert would have left at least some bones or pottery shards along the way. Nothing has ever been found.

That creates a big problem for the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions which base their beliefs on the old testament being the word of God. The first five books of the Old Testament are known as the five books of Moses. The belief is, or was, that God had inspired Moses to write those books to guide the children of Israel.

It seems there is no more evidence to support the existence of Moses  then to support the existence of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.