About me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Barry Stier. I’m an 80 year old atheist.

That simply means that I have seen nothing to convince me that a god exists. There is much misunderstanding as to exactly what an atheist is and what an atheist believes.  It is as simple as I have just stated. 

You can see a much more complete discussion about the meaning of the word if you go to the website of the American Atheists at https://www.atheists.org/activism/resources/about-atheism/

The purpose of this project is not to proselytize you but to offer my point of view to anyone who may be interested. I’ve avoided expressing my views to acquaintances and relatives unless they asked me to discuss it. I’ve learned that discussing opposing religious views can really strain a relationship. My extended family includes Jews and Christians of various denominations and levels of belief. I have lived and worked in many countries around the world and have witnessed religious beliefs and practices of many diverse peoples.

Please use the comment form to tell me what you think about these topics. I look forward to receiving and publishing both supporting and opposing opinions.


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